41 penpal friends dating of age 65 and above

27-Dec-2017 18:06

41 penpal friends dating of age 65 and above-24

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Bonnie and Santina ~ : Hello we are women and not sluts ..whores or anything else you say women are we dont think what you seem to beleive women think, we do however think your a stupid male supremisist who needs to read the books he quotes.Have you ever actually met a real live girl because if you have it is obvious you have never spoken to one because you have no idea what is going on in our minds, your off base on nearly all your views and you seem to have a rather poor idea about the values of most women.We have tried both a 2 inch and a 3 inch penis extension.She can not accomodate the 3 inch one and she does not like the 2 inch on unless we take a good while to warm up her back wall -- even then she never wants to use it.Anyway one thing she did get right though is that no one, and I mean no one, should take this site seriously. It represents the largely non-linear and illogical presentations of one peson's (the editor) opinions about things related to men, penises and women.

Both have sat in the underwear drawer unused for months and months now.

I somehow overlooked her selfishness and her shallowness, and I'm getting what I deserve. sarah23: Its wierd to talk about dicks and not the guys they're attached to. Sometimes it was too much, like when he was really horney and I wasn't really into it. To me thickness(and beauty) is extremely sexy but its the guy its attached to thats most important.

Sex happens less and less and I think she has cheated on me. Heres the biggest irony, during intercourse my wife seemes to be somewhere else and needs to rub her clit, if she doesn't, no orgasm! If I push too deep in certain positions, not only no orgasm but she seems to revoke my privilege of that position for a few months. Lately, I'm not in the mood either and have trouble getting fully erect, but it doesn't seem to matter, she rubs her clit, and whalla, orgasm! But sometimes it was really awesome, and there are times I almost want to call him just for sex. The head was really huge(and smooth), but would've hurt. I finished him by hand and it was a very explosive finish. I'd say penis size is important but sleeping around enough to find the right guy can get you into trouble.

Evan the women i lived with for 2 years would tell me i was big,she loved the sex and cry after we finished i would average 1-2hrs.

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I would not brag about my size some women found it to big to evan try all they would say after 2rs they were sore.You know all that creative foreplay is the true magic. I have a big dick(slightly over 9"), and had always felt very proud of it.

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