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We will be using the Castle Windsor IOC container; specifically version 3.2 which you can find here [Castle Windsor 3.2] An Inversion of Control system allows you to inject dependencies into your code without having to do it yourself. Shapes; namespace IOCExample Here we have specified a mandatory dependency of IStart Page View Model called context.Most people will be familiar with dependency injection using interfaces. This is an example that’s used time and time again, but there is a reason its used its because its a good one. We are then using this to set the Data Context of the Main Window.Your points limit and army selections are validated so you can see if you've made any mistakes, and the easy to read output will summarise your units' profiles and special rules for quick reference. None of the units are in the right categories - they've all moved to "No Category"!Battle Scribe works on All you need are the data files for the game system and army you want to make a list for. I get loads of "Entry must have a category that exists" and "Profile must have a profile type that exists" errors in Catalogue Editor!If you are working on large, possibly older project that doesn’t currently implement IOC then its a big change to switch to using IOC, in this instance i think that you would be forgiven if you use IOC as a service locator in the short term as you progress to a true IOC enviroment. If nothing else it will help you identify the points in your code that require interfaces and also importantly, it will introduce you to what IOC is capable of. Many data files are created and maintained by the community - you can find some by searching the internet. If there is a problem with a data file, you will need to notify the author of the file about the issue so they can fix it.Alternatively you can make your own with the easy to use editors that come with the desktop version. If Battle Scribe is crashing or is not working as expected, you can report a bug.

We want to remove the Startup URI value, the result should look like this. We now need to tell Castle how to resolve these for us. Create a new class file and call it copy the following code To create an installer we first implement the IWindsor Installer, this gives us the “public void Installer” method that you can see above. Lets start by adding a mandatory dependency to our Main Window class.

There are a number of ways to configure Castle but I will try and show a simple method that should be easy to follow; Change the App class so that it looks like this. Castle helps us do this by providing a nice simple method.

It allows you to quickly and easily create army lists for a large range of game systems and armies. Battle Scribe gets stuck "Loading Roster" when I try to open a roster!

A property can only be injected if:- The example that i will present will be very simplistic but fingers crossed will make some sense. This article has shown you how to implement a Castle Windsor IOC container, create a very simple model to hold data, a very simple viewmodel to create and populate and a very simple implementation of binding the viewmodel data to controls on the WPF form.

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To implement IOC correctly you should only have a single place where the IOC’s Register, Resolve and Release methods are called. The example shows how to create a good separation of UI and business logic.

Battle Scribe gets stuck "Preparing Data" when I start it up or create a roster!

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