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The University of Delaware, as well, ranks its fraternities and sororities in academics, conduct, and other areas by categories: gold, silver, bronze, satisfactory, and needs improvement.

Of the university’s 50 or so Greek groups, two fraternities have been suspended for hazing through spring 2018 and seven are on deferred suspension or social probation, according to the website.

A viewer can see, for example, that the Psi Upsilon fraternity was put on disciplinary probation earlier this month for “irresponsible distribution of alcohol” and drugs found in the house.

Also available is notification that Sigma Chi last month was warned that any further infractions through December could result in the dissolution of its fraternity, this after “the third significant alcohol violation in one calendar year”; two of those episodes resulted in highly intoxicated students being transported to the hospital.

At the same time it could reveal any negative trend in behavior over time, allowing us to intervene earlier by putting a house on notice.” Though the plan isn’t final, the new report card also likely will compare groups in areas such as community service hours, philanthropy, academics and other categories.

But it’s not a cure-all, said Lisa Powers, a Penn State spokeswoman.

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Penn State’s idea for a report card came out of a 2015 university task force on Greek life that was created after the Kappa Delta Rho fraternity was suspended for three years for hazing, underage drinking, and sexual harassment.