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This provides a standard that allows important dates to be discussed and means that numerical sorting of dates allows them to be ordered chronologically and applied to various algorithms and automated systems unlike European date format.

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For several months, Shane performed at open mic nights in Boston while struggling with anxiety.

In the European date format however the month and day are the other way around, e.g. This then causes difficulty for those arranging to meet on that day, as an American visiting from overseas might write it in their diary under the 12 March and thus be very early for their appointment.According to Shane, he has wanted to be a standup comedian since he was ten years old.Joe has also worked as a writer on a variety of projects, including Netflix’s highly anticipated Wet Hot American Summer TV series, Comedy Central’s Jeff & Some Aliens, and TBS’ acclaimed The Pete Holmes Show, on which he was also a featured performer.His comedy continues to make all crowds laugh about the things that make him win step-dad of the year and anything else that can happen to a mid-30′s man as he tries to figure out what he wants to do when he grows up.

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The European date format is something that creates a lot of confusion with visitors from the US.

The time notation described here is already the de-facto standard in almost all countries and the date notation is becoming increasingly popular.