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(If male photographer selected choose Have you ever been intimate with a woman? ll chase you Chase her Grab her ass Maybe we should ask the lifeguard for some lessons? ll look after you ( 1 inf) Wait x3 Pull her up ( 3 inf) What?? Approach the objects Pick mug ( 2 inf) Pick water gun ( 2 inf) Pick cap (all the other 3 objects fail) Jump into the pool Watch her dive Let?? To truly understand the art you have to be the art Watch her undress Kiss Maddison Kiss her breast You know, a true artist would be part of their art to understand it fully Have sex ( 5 lust, 1 inf) Well, Maddison deserves all the credit really. Sit next to her Kiss her Keep kissing ( 1 Lust) Kiss her breasts Keep going down ( 1 Lust) Open her legs Eat her pussy ( 3 Lust) I shall not go through all the permutations of what can happen regarding sex with Maddison at your apartment, as most paths are fairly obvious. ll just say a little bit about the system as a whole regarding the sex ?? Here are what I believe are the minimum number of actions required to get the required score:- Massage on bed ?? Despite being the `final cut` there are still several bugs and numerous typos. They obviously require you to get a 5/5 rating to be successful (apart from the lingerie session which appears to need 6/6! Each individual action adds to one side of the equation but deducts from the other, so your score will change, even though the number of symbols showing may stay the same. Walkthrough: Maddison: Final Cut by Chaotic Maddison: Final Cut by Chaotic was released for free on 30 March 2015.If male it is always better to select gym instructor as you can flex your muscles in the intro. s go for a private dance I think I want the brunette Sit and watch the dance ( 2 2 2 2 5 lust) Tip 0 ( 3 inf) Follow her to the bar Actually, I used to be a stripper ( 3 lust) Leave Let?? ] (yes) Pull your pants down Let her suck your cock ( 5 Lust) OR Let her eat your pussy ( 5 Lust) Enjoy the blowjob Pull up your pants Finish watching the film Finish watching the film "I thought too much of it was contrived." ( 2 Influence) Leave the cinema [if this was the fourth location you`ve visited tonight, go to Mall Exit] (Comedy) "Let`s see the comedy." Go inside "Yeah, I come here all the time." ( 2 Influence) Continue talking Watch the film Turn to Maddison Turn back to the screen Turn to Maddison Turn back to the film Turn to Maddison Turn back to the screen Turn to Maddison ( 7 Influence) "I loved it.

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I think I`ll try it." ( 3 Influence) Volunteer Step into the box Wait for the box to open Look down Step back inside the box Step out of the box Return to your seat ( 3 Influence, 10 Lust) Leave [if this was the fourth location you`ve visited tonight, go to Uptown Exit] Uptown Exit [You have three options here. Here though is the female walkthrough:- Follow her inside Watch her undress Kiss her ( 1 lust) You?? s make her fake an orgasm Watch the show ( 6 lust) Go back to your seat No. ll try it Volunteer Step into the box Perform trick Return to your seat ( 3 inf, 10 lust) Leave Let?? What kind of art class (If not going the Kelly route pick Wow! re cute 5 inf) Look at the menu Select salad Select pizza Select jello Order ( 10 inf) Wait for the waitress Hey, where is that art class of yours going to be? It sounds like fun I like to keep a few surprises ( 1 inf) Pay the bill and leave Now go to the Mall and buy the lingerie red robe. s a few naughty uses for it too ( 2 lust) Then go to the cinema and watch the romance. I wish there was something cultured we could do Of course! You visit two locations at that hub, then you travel to a second hub and visit two locations there. If you are able therefore, I suggest you edit Poolchecks 2 and 13 and amend the figure required to a requirement of 45. The structure of the game is as follows: once you leave Maddison`s apartment you travel to one of three `hubs` (mall, uptown, downtown).Intro Hi, Maddison Actually, I could really use a shower (Male) Thanks, I really appreciate this ( 1 inf) Shower Flex your muscles ( 5 lust gym instructor) (only 2 lust other male? s go downtown Downtown Do you mind if we go to the strip club? I`ve seen better sci-fi." ( 3 Influence) Leave the cinema [if this was the fourth location you`ve visited tonight, go to Mall Exit] Clothes Store "Let`s see if there`s any good clothes." Enter the store [Do you want Maddison to buy a swimsuit or lingerie?

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) Finish flexing Good Idea Spy on Maddison in the shower Dry yourself and redress I love the way it sticks to your hips ( 2 inf) Mmm, I wish I could lick those legs ( 1 lust) I love how much flesh you?? The swimsuit is required for one of the special scenes, and makes it easier to get Maddison into your hot tub.

The multiple way to go about this game are amazing and to go down some of the paths can be challenging but that and the multiple paths make the replay value of the game go up. This affects the sex scenes in particular, but there are also places where dialogue varies.