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20-Dec-2017 17:22

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Never before had such a high proportion of women under 30 been married - and never since.

In the late Fifties, the probability of a woman marrying before the age of 50 was 96 per cent - against just 81 per cent in 1900 and 68 per cent in the 1990s.

But more tolerance was creeping in, such as over what a husband or wife should do if the other was having an affair.

A 30-year-old woman from St Helens advised: 'First of all, discuss it calmly with him, then do nothing but wait.

The actor Dirk Bogarde detected this when he told readers of a fan magazine in 1955 about working with Brigitte Bardot, the new sensation from France, on the film Doctor At Sea.

'The air was laden with yearning messages, the aromas of roast lamb and gravy, and the sounds of new potatoes being scraped and mint being chopped.She had already achieved it, she said proudly, in marriage.Two researchers from Mass Observation, the social research organisation, were watching and noted with interest the loud applause that greeted the happy housewife's remark. In the Fifties, marriage was the unassailable norm and all-pervasive expectation.The only guide was a dubious Mass Observation survey in 1949, which declared that one husband in four and one wife in five admitted to sexual relations outside marriage.

The absence of reliable statistics did not prevent the morally upright judge Alfred (later Lord) Denning from complaining that 'we have unfortunately reached a position where adultery, or infidelity or misconduct, as soft-spoken folk call it, is considered to be a matter of little moment'. There was widespread condemnation of sex outside marriage (63 per cent in one sample).

In today's extract, we examine how marriage underpinned society 50 years ago - although there was a deafening silence on the subject of sex...

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