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04-Oct-2017 06:27

It is also estimated that at least 25% of people in Myanmar live below the poverty line and that those living with HIV may struggle to source the funds for necessary ARV medication.

As such, there have been strong arguments for a transition from private and NGO-run services to public sector delivery with the hopes of making treatment more readily available to vulnerable groups across the country.50 Total health expenditure in Myanmar (2-2.4% of its GDP) is among the lowest in the Southeast Asia and Western Pacific regions, which goes some way to explaining the country’s current state of HIV incidence.51 An analysis of countries from different regions, and with different epidemic patterns, found that Myanmar was among the countries where funding of effective and focused primary HIV prevention was insufficient.52 In 2015, the country committed US$ 11 million in domestic funding towards HIV programmes while relying on an additional US$ 71.8 million from international donors.53 Further findings from the National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) indicate that while more than 20 donors provide additional financial support for healthcare in Myanmar, only a few are committed to funding HIV-specific programmes.

A 2017 study followed a cohort of 824 adults and adolescents across seven years in which time 11% of patients died and the overall incidence rate of unfavourable outcomes of those who moved on to second-line treatments was 7.9%.

Those who fared worse on second-line treatment included patients with a history of injecting drug use, those lost to follow-up and those with a higher baseline viral load.

These include men who have sex with men, male and female sex workers and people who inject drugs and their intimate partners.3 Despite a general decline in new infections across Asia, gains in some countries have been offset by rising epidemics in places such as Myanmar where funding of effective primary HIV prevention has been insufficient.4 As such, Myanmar is now one of 35 countries which together account for 90% of new infections globally.

Between 20, the number of AIDS-related deaths has fallen by an estimated 52% as a result of antiretroviral treatment coverage in Myanmar.2 After Thailand, Myanmar has the second highest number of people living with HIV in Southeast Asia and shares similar key populations of people most affected by HIV.

Consequently, in 2016, just over half (52%) of those living with HIV knew their status.17 MSM and HIV positive people are denied equal employment opportunities and access to proper medical treatment, which in turn discourages them from safe behaviour.

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