From dating to diapers

22-Nov-2017 20:35

I am relieved that I am not alone after reading people's own experiences and It worries me to think this may haunt me for life.

Nothing I have tried has worked so far and I was put on medication as a child that didn't help me.

I was always convinced that it would be something I would grow out of.

I am mortified when I have an accident at another persons house and have to try and conceal it before they wake.

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I cope with it with nappies and that's the end of it as far as I'm concerned.I did not return and convinced my mother that I could try and tackle this problem by myself.I still wet the bed but I have been able to control it on and off.What should I do Posted by Jolene M on 23/08/2017 at Our daughter is 16 and has been a bedwetter for 10 months now and she wears cloth diapers and plastic pants[rubberpants] to bed every night.

She tried all the disposable diapers,but got rashes from some of them.

Posted by isabelle on 21/08/2017 at I have suffered from incontinence my whole life; I've never been able to fully control my bladder.