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10-Sep-2017 09:08

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from dating to diapers

She walked over to me to ask for help with some problem they were having, and my jaw dropped. I dropped the meal with my GF to help Kerry out with this problem, and was instantly drawn to her.

We spent 2 years working alongside each other, flirty banter rolling off our lips like there was no tomorrow and no consequences.

Please make sure the scat fetish is clearly evident!

That means it is sexual for the girl involved, not just biological so viewers can jerk off."College Girls Pooping" is NOT what this group is about. This group's focus is American Women and American Heterosexual couples.

2 years in and after moving into a new place at uni a new girl, Jemma, moved in, and after a few months we had a serious affair (even to the point where she'd let me fuck her anally without any concerns.

All the time I stayed with Lisa, and I felt bad for cheating on her like that, but I couldn't help myself for wanting Jemma.

Anyone posting off topic files will be removed and banned.

Amateur content is especially welcome, but great Queens like Pretty Lisa are of course perfectly appropriate, too. The main thing is that these are American Women (and their partners) Who Love Scat Sex.

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11 most obscure dating sites

Hate censorship, but I hate watching people REALLY getting hurt even more. I'll toss yer work and ban you in a heartbeat, and I don't like sending the message that I disapprove of you or your work.

The beauty of it being at work was that Lisa was never there to see it.

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