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16-Nov-2017 05:16

The results of the test can be shown in one’s profile characteristics. These terms relate to being an explorer, director, builder or negotiator.

The results of a personality profile will be measured to determine which two of these characteristics a person is most like. Helen Fisher, the creator of the personality system, also educates people online about what their personality results mean and what it is to be a negotiator, builder, director or explorer.

This is made to create a more exact response and analysis of a person.

An interesting point about the personality test is that it deals with several unique interfaces.

A user can add individual site icons to show off things that one is particularly interested in.

General information on one’s physical and social characteristics can also be shared. A user can not only get one dating website photo added as a profile photo but also as many as twenty-five different photos that can be used on a profile.

A majority of these people are over the age of thirty according to the site’s statistics.The site offers a free trial that lasts for a few days.This is useful enough to give a customer an idea of what the dating site has.This may be for the best though because people who are similar to each other could potentially have easier times with getting together.

Also, people who use the free trial on the site cannot get in touch with paying clients.The key difference between most of these sites and is that focuses more on those who are interested in find more long-term relationships.