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23-Jun-2017 13:20

However, it’s been found that if you apply them to the Of course, you can edit any of those values in HEX or color-name codes to suit your site.Note that you can specify the shadow color as one color, or go more in-depth and pick a light shadow and a dark shadow.You are welcome to use them as a basis for site layout as is or change them as needed.Changes to colors, font families, font sizes and such should be made within the external stylesheet.Visual studio have build in support for this ( and you may also achieve it via coding ) .Here's what you need to do :- Switch to design view from markup view . From the toolbox that opens click on Validation and drag a compare validator near your textbox.

My Plan is why not set the database column into integer instead of typical varchar and if ever you put a letter of course it will turn and exception so in that case I want to catch the exception and prompt a messagebox saying "Please enter only integer". You don't need to duplicate tags in title (especially in form of question "I'm using C#? Side note: your actual question seems to be "how to validate if string is integer to store in DB"... You can ensure easily that user is entering a Numeric Field . If done this way, the properties will only work in IE6 in ‘quirks mode’ — that is, when the DTD is incorrect.