Dating service for motorcycle riders

28-Dec-2017 22:17

A proficient rider should prepare for this possibility.While current generation shaft-driven cruisers have minimized the shaft effect, older models would lose considerable ground clearance from rear end squat on deceleration.The good news is that the manufacturers have designed these bikes to contact the ground with folding parts before something solid, like the pipe or frame hits.The bottom of most pegs have some sort of protrusions termed “feelers” that provide warning that available ground clearance is running short.Motorcycle Downshifting Techniques Target fixation is the other most common cause of running off the road after being startled by touching down. This type of sudden distraction can give you the opportunity to learn to pull your attention back to the task at hand without the additional static of oncoming traffic or large immovable objects at the edge of the pavement.Come on, every one of us has faced the all-consuming focus on that object in front of us that… Cruisers, by virtue of their low and forward-mounted pegs and floorboards, are most susceptible to dragging.A good way to minimize this reaction is to go out and purposely drag the pegs/floorboards.

However, we encourage you to visit the resources listed for more information such as road conditions, directions, tourist attractions, and safety precautions. For better, faster, more secure browsing, and reliable display of Google Maps, we recommend either Google Chrome or Firefox.

To plan your tour or ride, get out your road atlas or state highway map and have fun. They automatically copy your bookmarks from Internet Explorer and you can download them for free!