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08-Sep-2017 13:39

Some of you may be wondering: What's the difference between the PSR-Exxx and YPTxxx models?Well, the YPT designation is used for the Yamahas sold at Costco, Wal-Mart, etc—mass retailers, while, the PSR-E names are found at Yamaha dealers, such as, Guitar Centers and online Yamaha dealers. These serial numbers do not pertain to the new line of Kramers from Musicyo.Usually, they sport a first letter, then have another letter prefixing the number.

We recommend reading our PSR-E313 review first before reading this review if you aren't already familiar with any of the Yamaha PSR-E models.We had previously stated that these were not American Series, but new events have uncovered that this may not to be completely true.The B Cast Plate guitars appear in what would normally be the "F" timeframe for Kramer.These were thought to have been used on Focus "Classic" models and various overseas type models.


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These plates showing up on American Series guitars is somewhat of of a mystery, as we don't know if those were used for American Series guitars assembled in Japan, or if it was for another purpose.

It's a nice change from the plain LCD screens and is great for those who compose and play under low lighting conditions perhaps even setting the perfect ambience for inspiration.